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Production site YAHTEC


First designer and manufacturer of gas air heaters, a market in which we are the leader in Europe, we have broadened our offer to meet the needs of our various markets.

For more than 30 years we put our creativity and our R&D resources to the service of our different partners. For them, we develop and manufacture innovative and competitive solutions that allow them to position themselves as leaders in their national market. 

To ensure a high level of quality while optimizing production costs, we integrate the entire production chain from design to manufacturing and testing


YAHTEC reinvests 10 % of its sales into Research and Development in order to create innovative and efficient solutions. Year after year, YAHTEC makes substencial investments to strive for technical excellence : 

  • Flow simulation, CAD software, numerical calculations

  • Automation of production lines

  • Fully automatic testing facilities

  • Acoustic chambers

  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

In partnership with many institutional organizations, YAHTEC observes the market developments, participates to the normative adaptation of the products and studies the solutions for new environmental requirements.

Since 2008, the company has improved the environmental performance of our processes, operations and products.

Today, YAHTEC designs new eco-efficient solutions with low CO2 emissions.



An unquestionable requirement in terms of production

After many developments, YAHTEC is one of the few French producers to use robotized assembly line and automated systems. This efficiency within its production allows it to be competitive and to maintain a high level of quality for its partners.

In 2015, YAHTEC invested in a new production line, more efficient and effective with a 15-storey warehouse, a punching and cutting machine, a manipulator, a panelling machine and two palletising robots.

In March 2020, YAHTEC move to its new production site of over 15 000 m² with a second automated production line.

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